Menu for Chrome, firefox, opera, android


Goal : make a bot for

Installation instructions

Interactive tutorial

Visual tutorial – Created by – Created by – Created by SeppeTutorials – Created by TheFlyingPlatypus

Text tutorial

If you are on chrome, download the TamperMonkey extension.

On other browsers, use the GreaseMonkey extension.

Once installed, click on this, and choose Install.

Go to, and enjoy !


Key Result
T / Right Click Bot enabled/disabled
U Log debugging
Y Visual debugging
I Automatic Respawning
O Mobile rendering – Try this if you experience lag
Z Reset zoom
ESC Quick respawn
X Change skin
W Auto skin rotator
Q Quit to menu
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out


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Ermiya Eskandary & Théophile Cailliau (ErmiyaEskandary & FliiFe)

Started as a collaborative and fun project between me and FliiFe on 2016/04/20, with this : bot could be cool


Licensed under the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0 Mods Chrome Extension updated August 06 2016! Mods for FireFox and related browser (Update 2.1.5)



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