Menu Mods – Cheats, Hacks, Mods, Skins, Tricks, Extensions is an animal .io game with a different style. You can play this game online with players from different regions of the world. You start the game as a mouse or shrimp. In addition, if you want to play on land you have to choose the mouse. If you want to play in the water you should start the game with shrimp. You have to eat some raw materials to improve your character or you must eat enemies that are weaker than you. If the opponent’s animal appears red, that animal may kill you. But if animal looks green, you can eat it. As your level improves, the number of items you can eat increases and you can develop your character faster. Everybody wants to be 1st in leaderboard, but you may need to be very professional or some add-ons. Today, we will explain features and advantages of mods. mods

Features Of Mods

Zoom in/out ([Z] or Mouse)
Ghost Mode – Visibility [G]
See Hidden Underwater and Other Land Animals
Prepared Custom Skins
Custom Skins Creator
Auto Chat
Draw Tracker Lines (Predators [T], Prey [P] , Other Dragons [K])
Four Different Themes ( Spring, Winter, Desert, Industrial)
Food Editor
Auto Respawn [A]
Auto Upgrade [U]
Notification System

This mods that is based on Google Chrome Store version does not have user scripts for tampermonkey. Therefore, you should use Google Chrome to use this mods. If you have any trouble with this mode, please contact us via facebook page or website contact page immediately. Finally, you can get many advantages which are mention above compared to enemies. mods

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