Menu Mods v3 – Cheats, Hacks, Mods, Skins, Tricks, Extensions is becoming an even more popular game everyday. It has become a meeting point for players from different cultures and many parts of the world. As the number of players increased, the players’ desire to achieve success increased. Some players have developed their own tactics, but some have tried to achieve success by using extra game plug-ins. We offer our followers a free update of the mods after patch, which gives some extra advantage to this game, for those who want to play with the game add-ons. Thus, you can be the first in leaderboard of and you can easily use the top level items. Today, we present updated mods v3. mods v3 Mods v3 Features

Auto Heal [Collect Cookie or Apple]
Auto AIM [Against Enemies]
Hat Changer [0-9 keys]
Police Mod [F8] – (Need to have Bummle Hat and Winter Cap at first)
Animal Mod [F8] – (Need to have Moo Head and Pig Head at first)

You do not need to press any key to activate auto heal because it will be activated automatically when you run the mods v3. So you only need to collect enough food such as cookie and apple. In addition, you do not need to press any keys for auto rotation, because it works automatically when the enemy comes close to your character. However, you need to press F8 to activate police hat function on Mods v3 and need to have red and blue hats.

Last Update: 22/09/2017

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser

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