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Many players are searching mods to play the game as more fun. There are different mods on the internet but these mods do not work at the moment. We have developed a new generation mod which provides a lot of features to players. Using this add-on you can have fun and be different than the other players in the game. This mod has customizable background, skins, tanks, theme, map and so on. In addition, you can observe all features in this topic. Our website shares and provides a lot of free mods for different io games as you know. If you have questions or suggestions for us please contact with us on contact form or our facebook page.

Features Of Mods

Open mods [TAB] (After pressing tab you can control it with your mouse easily)
Other Shortcodes to control mods
Undo settings [ESc]
Shift +: F for FPS
Background [Z]
Remove Edges [X]
Colorful Edges [V] -,+
Hide Scoreboard [B]
Hide Players’ Names [N]
Raw Health Value [M]
Green Shape Model [G]

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser

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